2007 Great Dictionary: Military Volume

2007 Great Dictionary: Military Volume by Shanghai Dictionary Publishing House.

Description:  The “大辞海”, meaning “great ocean of words”, is an especially large (特大型), comprehensive (综合性) dictionary (辞典) published in topic volumes (卷).  This text is the military volume (军事) only.  Chinese definitions of Chinese terms, organized in encyclopedic fashion with a very encyclopedic reference book outward appearance.  Terms are grouped by subject, with short descriptive explanation or definition, some entries have pictures, maps, sketches., etc.  Written for a native speaker to explain military terms.  While this civilian institution’s name doesn’t jump out as “authoritative” on military issues, the book bears an impressive resume.  The 44 member review committee was headed by three different full generals (上将); 葛振峰 (A former AMS director, former Deputy Dir of GSD), 张定发 (a former AMS Director, PLAN Commander, and CMC member) and 郑申侠 (a former PLAAF CoS and AMS Director).  Compiling editorial work units (编纂单位) include 6 departments or offices of the GSD, two departments of the GPD, 2 departments of the GAD, both the PLAN and PLAAF HQ, SAC Command College, Logistics Command University, 4 AMS research departments, and the PAP HQ.

Great Dictionary – Military Volume

夏征农 主编;郑申侠等编著
Xia Zhengnong (author), Chief Editor Zheng Shenxia, etc.,
上海辞书出版社, Shanghai Dictionary Publishing House
July 2007
1st Edition, 1st Printing