2007 Concise Military Dictionary SLPH

2007 Concise Military Dictionary:

Concise Military Dictionary
Social Sciences Concise Dictionary Series
主要作者: (18 names listed), 责任编辑:朱伟明
18 listed important authors, Responsible Editor: Zhu Weiming
Shanghai Lexicographical Publishing House (SLPH)
ISBN: 978-7-5326-2238-2
494 pages

Pocket/student size Chinese-Chinese military dictionary, no English, gives Chinese definitions, about 6-10 definitions per page. 2,361 terms in 25 categories including strategic, operational, tactical, army, navy, air force, missiles, units, training, tech, artillery, armor, engineer, etc. Civilian publisher, so not “authoritative” though many of the definitions check against other sources. This Shanghai based reference publishing house also publishes a Military volume Dacihai (大辞海 军事卷), which has gone through editorial review by all four general departments, the service headquarters and a dozen other military units, organizations, or academies/institutes. It is likely this expertise carries over in this abridged version made for quick reference use. Preface states it incorporates Chinese and foreign, modern and classical terms, but definitions do not explain whether definition is PLA’s or a specific foreign country’s definition.