2001 Defense Acquisition Dictionary

2001 Defense Acquisition Dictionary, NDIPH

This small topic-based specialized dictionary (5.5″x8″, less than 3/4″ thick), is organized into two main sections, plus an index.  The first section, titled Defense Acquisition Common Terms (国防采办常用术语), is arranged with English entry words alphabetically organized, followed by a short-form translation, and then a full definition or explanation for each entry term.  155 pages in the first section.  The second section, covering Defense Acquisition Common Acronyms (国防采办常用缩略语).  The index is pinyin organized with Chinese entries only.  No English index, and no appendices.  The Contents Explanation (内容简介) at the end of the text explains that the terms are mostly collected from the terms and acronyms used by various U.S. and Western Europe nations in their defense acquisition systems.   The explanation states the dictionary covers policy (政策), program management (项目管理), capital management (资金管理), cost and schedule control (成本与进度控制), contract management (合同管理), acquisition logistics (采办管理), production and processing management (制造加工管理), software management (软件管理), test and evaluation (试验与鉴定), contractor financial management (承包商的财务管理), etc.

Defense Acquisition Dictionary
中国国防科技信息中心 编
Compiled by the China National Defense Technology and Information Center
National Defense Industry Publishing House (NDIPH)
Edition: 1st Edition, June 2001
Printing: 1st Printing, June 2001