2012 NDU NWMA (MOOTW) Dictionary

2012 Non-War Military Actions Dictionary (Unabridged)

Description: Hardbound desk reference, 5.5″ x 8″.  A Chinese only (no English) topic-organized professional dictionary with more than 50 PLA scholars listed on the compiling committee, intended for use by native Chinese speakers in the PLA.  The text is broken into 14 chapters: general (综合); terrorism; maintain social stability; security and guarding; emergency response and disaster relief; border (and sea, air) defense struggle; protecting national rights and interests; international peacekeeping; international rescue; military foreign relations; joint exercises; military deterrence; law, regulations and legal agreements; and weapons and equipment.  Several definitions track consistently with the 2011 CPLA Junyu, plus many new and specialized terms.

非战争军事行动辞典 (全本)
Non-War Military Actions Dictionary (Unabridged)
National Defense University Press
统一书号:5 5626·883 (军内发行,不得外传)
NWMA Dictionary compiling committee
357,000 characters, 485 pages
First Printing, December 2012

统一书号:5 5626·883