2011 CPLA Junyu (dictionary)

The 2011 CPLA Junyu published by the Academy of Military Science (AMS).

This is the official military dictionary of the PLA, approved by the Central Military Commission, and all four general departments, this text replaces the 1997 version under the same title.  It is organized in 26 categories, plus 9 secondary categories under the category Army (陆军).   It has 8,587 entries, and 195 pictures or charts.  New to this edition, each entry has an English translation of the headword.  It has an index of entries organized by pinyin, and an English index as well.  This book is the authoritative source for the current Chinese definition of military terms in the PLA.

中国人民解放军  军语 (全本)二〇一一年
2011 CPLA Junyu (Military Terms)
Military Science Publishing House Publication
统一书号:580237·681 (军内发行)
All-Army Military Terminology Committee, AMS
1047000 characters, 1301 pages
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