2009 ROC Junyu (and earlier editions)

   ROC Junyu:

Taiwan (ROC) MND maintains a live searchable military terms list on their website:

Taiwan MND Website: 中英詞彙對照

(Note: Due to a completely different evolution of military thought from at least 1949 forward, and different influences, Taiwan’s military terminology and the PLA’s can vary greatly.  Each is more relevant or authoritative in its own given context.)

Edited and published editions of the ROC Junyu include:

The 2009 National Army Concise American-Chinese Military Terminology Dictionary

The ROC MND has long since published a “Junyu“, with versions under this same specific title (國軍簡明美華軍語詞典), and other titles.  At least five editions exist under the “Concise” or “Abridged” title:

with occasional updates, previous editions include at least:

2009 (98th Year of the Republic – pictured above, the current edition)
2003 (92 YoR)
1997 (86 YoR)
1992 (81 YoR)
1986 (75 YoR)

Editions prior to 1986 published under slightly different titles, are likely predecessors to this same evolution of the ROC Junyu.  These were typically published in volumes:

The 1979 (68 YoR) edition, titled: 華美-美華軍語詞典 was published in a set, including at least six volumes: Army Upper and Lower Volume, Navy Upper and Lower Volume, Air Force Upper and Lower Volume

1967 (56 YoR) edition, titled: 華美軍語詞典
The 1976 edition included a Missile and Space Flight Section (飛彈及太空飛行之部)

And there was a 1964 (53 YoR) edition, also titled: 華美軍語詞典

Prior to these editions, the MND published a translation of a Dictionary of United States Army Terms under the Chinese title: 美軍用語辭典 in the 40th Year of the Republic (1951)