Vocab Lists

Vocabulary lists sorted by topic.

Topic-based lists of related vocabulary.  Sorted by sub-categories of strategic, military and security related topics.


Strategic Terms:

Security and Threats to Security
Sovereignty, Territory (Land, Airspace and Seaspace); Lines and Limits
War and Conflict and Related Terms
Non-War Military Actions (MOOTW)
United Nations P5 Official Glossary of Key Nuclear Terms (P5GKNT)
SLOCs: Lines, on land, in the air and at sea
Diplomatic Terms

Operational Terms:

Command and Control
2016 PLA Reforms, Key Terms
Campaign (Operational) Level Terms
PLA General Headquarters Organization Names
South China Seas, feature names and other SCS related vocabulary
Historic Campaigns and Historic Chinese Army Unit Names

Tactical Terms:

Weapon Encyclopedia – basic weapon terms
PLA Rank and Grade Terms
PLA Unit & Organizational Terms
PLA Army / Ground Forces (PLAA) Tactical Terms
Ships; basic terms and general categories
PLAN Ships, listed by name and pennant number
PLA Navy (PLAN) and maritime terms
PLA Air Force (PLAAF) and air power terms
Tactical Radio Prowords and Verbal Commands

U.S. Organizations and Terms in Chinese:

U.S. DoD Organizations and Key Leaders Names in Chinese
U.S. – China Defense & Security Bilateral Dialogues and Mechanisms
U.S. Military Ranks in Chinese