Vocab: Territory & Sovereignty

Territories and Sovereignty; Lines and Limits

领土 – territory
The entirety of the territory [疆域] over which a country enjoys sovereignty [主权]. Includes national territorial land [领陆]; territorial waters [领水]; territorial airspace [领空]; subsoil [底土]

主权 – sovereignty
The independent and self-determined [独立自主] authority [权力] a country possesses to manage [处理] its own internal and external affairs without any foreign influence [外来干涉] in order to protect [维护] its national dignity [国家尊严] and maintain its territorial integrity [领土完整].

领陆 – territorial land
Land [陆地] and Islands & islets [岛屿] within national land borderlines [陆地国界线].

领水 – territorial waters
Waters [水域] within boundaries [国界]; including internal waters [内水] and territorial seas [领海].

内水 – internal waters
Waters [水域] within baselines [基线] and inland waters [内陆水], including: riverways [河流]; lakes [湖泊]; bays [海湾]; straits [海峡]; harbors [海港]; internal seas [内海]; river mouths [河口].

领海 – territorial seas
A sea area of a certain width that runs along the territorial lands [陆地领土] and beyond internal waters [内水以外]. Extends to sea bed [海床], the subsoil [底土] and the airspace over [上空] territorial seas.

领海基线 – territorial sea baseline
normal baseline method [正常基线法]; straight-line method [直线基线法]; mixed method [混合基线法]

领空 – territorial air
The atmospheric space [大气空间] over [上空] a country’s territorial lands [领陆] and seas [领水].

国界 – national boundary, border
国界线 – national boundary line
国界标志 – national boundary marker; national boundary sign
传统习惯线 – traditional customary (boundary) line
条约线 – treaty line; treaty (boundary) line
法定线 – statutory line
实际控制线 – line of actual control
争议区 – disputed area
沿海国家 – coastal state; littoral state
濒海国 – coastal state; littoral state
内水以外 – beyond internal waters
领海以外 – beyond territorial seas
陆地领土 – land territory
领海线 – limit of territorial seas
正常基线法 – normal (common) baseline method
直线基线法 – Straight-line baseline method
混合基线法 – Mixed baseline method
领土主权 – Territorial sovereignty
海洋权益 – Maritime rights and interests