Vocab: Munitions

Vocab: Munitions (Bullets, Bombs, Shells, and Missiles)

Artillery/Mortar Rounds (榴炮弹/迫击炮弹), Basic Types:

榴弹 [榴彈] – shell; round (generic term); exploding shell; howitzer round
杀伤弹 [殺傷彈] – ‘wounding’ round; (HE or APERS)
高爆弹 [高爆彈] – High Explosive (HE) round
反步兵散弹 [反步兵散彈] – Anti-personnel round (APERS)
烟幕弹 [煙幕彈] – smoke (smokescreen) round / shell (Also 发烟弹)
照明弹 [照明彈] – flare round, illumination round (“illum’ round”)
宣传弹 [宣傳單] – leaflet round; propaganda round (also: 砲宣彈)
训练弹 [訓練彈] – training round; inert round; dummy round

Advanced Artillery Rounds:

火箭增程弹 [火箭增程彈] – rocket assisted projectile (RAP)
制导炮弹 [制導砲彈] – guided round
遥感炮弹 – remote sensing round; self-guided round (fire and forget, “发射后不用管”)
集束弹药 [集束彈藥] – cluster munition
干扰炮弹 – jamming/interfering round

Tank Rounds (坦克炮弹):

穿甲弹 – Armor piercing round (AP):
脱壳穿甲弹 – APDS, Armor Piercing Discarding Sabot
曳光尾翼稳定脱壳穿甲弹 – APFSDS-T, Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot with Tracer
超速穿甲弹 – APSV, Armor Piercing Super-Velocity
高速穿甲彈 – HVAP, High Velocity Armor Piercing

破甲弹 – Armor penetrating round (a.k.a. High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT))
反戰車高爆彈, 高爆反坦克彈 – HEAT (alternate translations, Taiwan usage)
碎甲弹 – Armor fragmenting round (HEP, HESH), (bunker buster, anti-materiel, anti-truck, etc.)
塑性榴弹 – High Explosive, Plastic (HEP)
黏著榴彈 – High Explosive Squash Head (HESH)

反步兵散弹 / 反人员弹 – Anti-personnel (APERS) round

炮射导弹 – Tube launched guided missile

Other Munitions:

子弹 – round; bullet; shell
枪弹 – rifle round; bullet
炮弹 – artillery shell
手榴弹 – hand grenade
枪榴弹 – rifle launched grande
火箭筒 – rocket propelled grande (RPG)
火箭弹 – rocket
导弹 – missile (Taiwan usage – 飛彈)
航空炸弹 – bomb (aviation delivered)
鱼雷 – torpedo
水雷 – sea mine
地雷 – land mine
爆破筒 – Bangalore (exploding tube, used to detonate land mines)