2008 Military Xinxihua Dictionary

2008 Military Informationization (信息化) Dictionary by PLA PH

Pinyin organized, Chinese-Chinese dictionary (definitions in Chinese, not translations) for each term.  Dec 2008 preface.  Categorically organized with category numbers and category names.  One appendix lays out the categories, another gives measures with definitions and translations. Contributing Editor Units (参编单位) includes 14 military organizations, including GSD, GLD, GAD, Navy, AF, and SAC Comms or C2 organizations, General Staff Communications Department, Automated Command Institute of PLA University of Science & Technology (PLAUST – 解放军理工大), 61st Research Department of the GS.

Military Informationization Dictionary
Director: Chen Dong
Chief Editors: Wang Jianchun, Nie Shaosan
Liberation Army Publishing House
ISBN 978-7-5065-5741-2
2008.12, 1st Edition, 1st Printing
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