Brief: Enlisted in the PLA

Link to Full Brief in PDF: MMBrief-PLA Enlisted Ranks

The following 9-slide deck is designed for use by a briefer who already has some familiarity with the PLA enlisted and non-commissioned officer systems.  To be used in briefing those who are not familiar with these systems.  

Select slides cut in below as stand alone JPEG files may be useful wall charts for reference in your office or classroom.

Full briefing includes typical translations into familiar U.S. service-specific terms, even though technically the PLA does not have any of the service culture unique terms among themselves when speaking in Chinese. 

PLA Enlisted Ranks

MMBrief-PLA Enlisted Ranks.002

Download the PDF of the Full Brief.

Special Thanks to MSG Zack Migli, USA; MSgt Ava Yuen, USMC; Ken Allen – CASI; Dennis Blasko, Brendan Mulvaney – CASI; Peter Wood; Ben Lowsen; Mike Dahm, and others who helped improve this first effort into Enlisted in the PLA.