2009 Chinese Military Uniforms – 100 Years

100 Years of Chinese Military Uniforms
(“China Regimental 100 Years”)

Description: A large hard bound reference book (about 10″x12″x2″) comprised mostly of technical sketches in color plates depicting Chinese uniforms, rank, and insignias throughout the history of China.  Page 412 to 488 provide the only currently relevant section, covering the ’07 style uniforms including all hat and uniform emblems and optional devices, officer and enlisted ranks, service variants, service or department chest badges, ribbons of grade and time in service, ceremonial uniforms, all unit/command patches, seasonal and optional uniform items, etc.  Page 548 to 588 covers the same for current PAP (CAPF) uniforms and insignia.  Also covers a great deal of Kuomintang (ROC / Taiwan) historic and current uniforms, insignia, and accoutrements.

中国百年军服 (增补版)
100 Years of Chinese Military Uniforms (Supplemented Edition)
(“China Regimental 100 Years”)

Chief Editor: Xu Ping
Gold Wall Press
2009年9月第2版, 2009年9月第2次印刷
SEP 2009, 2nd Edition, 2nd Printing
增补版 (增加补充的版次)
Supplemented Edition

ISBN: 978-7-80084-679-3