Vocab: Radio Use

Military Radio Use Terms

Verbal Commands, PROWORDS, Code Words, Mil. Radio Use Terms:
(Radio Telephone Procedures)

请讲 – go ahead; (please speak).
说完了 – transmission complete; over.
收到 – roger; clear; understood. Also 抄收, 明白, 清楚, or 了解
该你了 – over to you; your turn; over.
请你再讲 – say again; say last transmission again.
我再将 – I say again; restating my last transmission.
请指示 – please advise; request instructions; please point out.
肯定 – affirmative; confirmed.
否定 – negative; not correct.
遵命 – WILCO; will comply (with orders given).
办不到 – cannot comply; cannot be accomplished; negative.
完毕 – out; report complete (no response required / anticipated).

幺 – (1) one. Alternate pronunciation of 一 (yi1, one).
拐 – (7) seven. Alternate pronunciation for 七 (qi1, seven).
洞 – (0) zero. Alternate pronunciation for 零, 〇 (ling2, zero)

Examples: 1am, or 0100 洞幺洞洞 “dong4 yao1 dong4dong4.”
0700-0800 洞拐洞洞 到 洞八洞洞 “dong4 guai3 dong4dong4 dao4 dong4 ba1 dong4dong4.”

装弹 – load (ammunition).
子弹上膛 – locked and loaded; a round in the chamber.
装弹中 – loading (ammunition); reloading (ammunition).
提高警惕 – stay alert!; stay sharp!
发现目标 – target identified; target seen.
目标确认 – target confirmed.
开火 – open fire! commence firing. 开炮 (Arty) or 开枪 (rifles).
击中目标 – hit the target; target was hit; target down.
打中了 – hit; hit the target.
扇区安全 – sector is clear; no enemy contact in sector.
停火 – cease fire.

Note: This list is comprised primarily of tactical voice commands or prowords (procedure words), commands, or code words, as used in military radio telephone procedures (RTP). Based on sourcing, it is likely a mix of PRC originating radio use terms and U.S. radio telephone procedures as they were translated into Chinese when U.S. and Chinese troops fought together in WWII.

我们有伴了 – We’ve got company!; We’re in contact (with the enemy).
发现敌人 – enemy identified; gain contact with enemy.
敌人来了 – enemy advancing; enemy inbound; here they come!
吸引火力 – draw fire; taking fire.
保持火力 – keep up the fire; continue firing.

直射火力 – direct fire.
直火 – direct fire.
直瞄射击 – direct fire (of artillery).
间接射击 – indirect fire.
压制射击 – suppressive fire.
掩护射击 – covering fire.

用炸的 – frag ’em; use a grenade; use an explosive.
要炸了 – ‘fire in the hole!’; it’s going to explode.
扔闪光弹 – throw a flash-bang; throw a concussion grenade.
拆楼 – demolish the building.
轰炸来了 – incoming!; bombs inbound.
再来一轮 – repeat; bring on another round.
周围安全 – all clear; immediate area all clear; no longer in contact.

请报告情况 – report in; report your situation.
伤亡 – casualties (wounded and dead).
阵亡 – killed in action; KIA.
阵伤 – wounded in action; WIA.
失踪士兵 – missing soldier(s); missing in action; MIA.

跟着我 – follow me.
搬走 – move out; pick up an move.
开拔 – move out; set out; begin marching.
保持队形 – hold formation; keep it together.
被压制住了 – suppressed; pinned down. Example:
我们被压制住了! 攻击侧翼 – attack the flank; flank ’em.
冲锋 – charge!; assault!
站住 – stop!; freeze! (To a person on foot).
后撤 – pull back; withdraw.
挖壕固守 – dig in!