Brief: New Group Armies

Link to Brief in PDF: MMBrief-NewGA71-83

The following slides show the Group Armies assigned by theater, and give an All-Army overview slide as well.  They also depict the in progress name change from GA1 through GA65 (non-continuous), to the new 71GA through 83GA, consecutively numbered.

(sample image: jpg)

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  1. Thanks to Dennis Blasko for catching that most internet references to the New Group Armies appear to be getting 74th and 75th backwards. Fixed 74 and 75 on our charts so they match the data he is collecting on the Army Aviation units ( of the GAs. Looks like the PLA has taken back its “gift” of transparency when it “declassified” the group army names a few years ago, and is choosing not to share with us the official answer on where the new 71 through 83 are, so remember, until all are solidly confirmed, some remain guesses, and some may still be moving or internally reorging.

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